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CODO Home Collection Co., Ltd is located in Shuangfeng Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province. The company advocates the concept of whole-house customization, takes customers as the priority, combines the current trends, and focuses on the development, design, production, sales and service of light-luxury intelligent whole-house customization.

As the coming of brand- new era, the company focuses on research and development of healthy and environmental products and the household products produced have passed the testing and certification of relevant national departments. The company has many years of experience in home furnishing R&D and production, and has introduced foreign advanced automatic and intelligent CNC production lines to completely get rid of the dependence on skilled workers. With zero errors, fast delivery and fully automated operations, we ensure the best quality of each set of household products.

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Product Center
As the coming of the new year, CODO Home prepared seven "spaces" for you to customize the whole house. Wish you have a more comfortable and joyful home time!
Floating light galaxy bedroom space
Floating light star River living room space
Floating star River kitchen space
Bass melody into the home space
Milan Morning Terrace space
Cloud building simple elegant study
Yunzhu tatami tatami
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Join the national franchisee hot recruitment, join the tadhouse, seize the wealth!
Brand flagship store
Store area of more than 200 square meters, in the building materials mall, building materials market core business circle, with a relatively complete customization team, store only operating sales department Dojia · enjoy custom products;
Brand exclusive store
Store area of more than 100 square meters, independent stores, independent signs, stores only operating sales department Tadjia · Zhixiang customized products;
Decoration company
In the relevant units have registered for the record, have their own exhibition hall decoration company, and after cooperation according to the requirements of the sample department Tadhouse · Zhienjoy customized products;
Channel new retail store
Design studio, kitchen appliance store, bathroom store and other building materials store, need to sample customized products in the store according to the requirements;
Community satellite store
New housing community, surrounding shops, model housing in the community, to a single community as the attack point, 3-5 months to quickly overcome, small cost high rate of return;
Massive customized guide to the whole house, so that you have a deep understanding of each link, do know!
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