Family tadhouse, not just light luxury. The spirit of excellence, the concept of extreme aesthetics, originated in Europe, is stronger than China, and achieves the world
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    Rise: 100%
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The tadfamily was introduced in 2018
The production base is 1 million square meters
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More than 300 dealers nationwide
About us
“Personalized, simple, practical”
who we are
Since establishment in 2016, in Hefei City, Anhui Province, we have been serving all over the country.

CODO Home Collection Co., Ltd is located in Shuangfeng Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province. The company advocates the concept of whole-house customization, takes users as the starting point, combines the current trends, and focuses on the development, design, production, sales and service of light-luxury intelligent whole-house customization.

With the advent of the era of health and environmental protection, health and environmental protection products have become the core of the company's attention and research and development, and the household products produced have passed the testing and certification of relevant national departments. The company has many years of experience in home furnishing R&D and production, and has introduced foreign advanced automatic and intelligent CNC production lines to completely get rid of the dependence on skilled workers. The products produced have zero errors, fast delivery, and fully automated operations ensure the quality of each set of household products.

The company has a professional design team, a high-quality production and marketing team, and a perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system. Taking "individualization, simplicity and practicality" as the design concept, providing customers with assured and satisfactory home custom products as its own responsibility, paying attention to detail management, and striving to become an influential brand in the custom home furnishing industry. CODO Home Collection Co., Ltd is committed to providing customized home system solutions, adheres to the design concept of "individuality and originality", continuously promotes technology research and development and original design, integrates the essence of European classic art and oriental traditional culture, and fully meets consumer needs and aesthetic preferences. . It is the fusion of art and life. Every piece of work is a piece of art that understands you.

Looking forward to the future,CODO Home will forge ahead, constantly surpass itself, carefully cast a well-known brand of customized home furnishing in China, and become a trusted brand recognized by the people. Together with you, we will create a better life for customized home furnishing!

Brand Interpretation
There is a kind of light luxury, destined to be CODO Home
There is a kind of power, with which CODO Home accompanies you to be stronger.
Keep improving is the spirit of CODO Home, the ultimate aesthetics is the design concept of CODO Home, and light luxury is the design direction of CODO Home.
Each of CODO Home works represents a profound exploration of life quality, lifestyle, life philosophy and ultimate works, and combines creativity and design under the cutting-edge fashion of world aesthetics.
The pursuit and expression of the concept of perfect life is also the criterion that runs through the production of products. Excellent production technology and strict quality standards are adopted from beginning to end to ensure that each product can deliver both aesthetic value and product quality.
CODO Home tells you that not all light luxury can be called light luxury.
CODO Home perfectly interprets "there is a kind of light luxury, destined to be CODO Home".
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