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What are the misconceptions when buying solid wood custom furniture? How to maintain them?
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Solid wood custom furniture, with its advantage of healthy and environmental friendly, and also good effect in decoration effect, is favored by consumers. However, we must avoid some misconceptions during purchasing. So what are the misconceptions of solid wood custom furniture? How to maintain them? Let's find out with me.


  1. What are the misconceptionsin purchasing solid wood custom furniture?
  2. After the solid wood custom furniture is delivered, the buyer should send the furniture to the quality inspection department for testing as soon as possible. If the actual material used is inconsistent with the agreement between the two parties in advance, the consumer can ask merchantto return it according to the contract.
  3. There are two types of furniture on the market: artificial panels and solid wood panels. There are many types of artificial panels. The cost difference of these panels is huge. It is generally difficult for consumers to see that the furniture sold in the store is solid wood or artificial panels. Even if it is solid wood panels, the types of different panels can only be seen through quality inspection. Therefore, during the purchase process, customers must first make it clear of the material of the clerk's furniture, and it must also be written clearly when purchasing and signing the contract.
  4. Another part of solid wood custom furniture is to ask the store to measure the size at your own home. At this time, you should measure it in advance, so as not to falsely report the size when the store measures the size, which will invisibly increase the purchase cost. After consumers get the finished product, they should pay attention to the anti-counterfeiting signs on the furniture, so that the customized furniture can be guaranteed. The customer must first clarify the costs of accessories and delivery with the store, because these links are necessary. If only the cost of the furniture itself is discussed, the store is likely to increase the price in these links.
  5. How to maintain solid wood custom furniture?
  6. Solid wood custom furniture is most afraid of moths, so it is necessary to avoid close to damp places and corners during use, because too much moisture will encourage the breeding of bugs and accelerate the corrosion rate of wood. What needs special attention is that in the case of frequent rainy seasons in the south, it is necessary to ventilate frequently, distribute indoor moisture, keep the space dry, and avoid excessive moisture affecting solid wood custom furniture. In addition, mothballs and other insecticides can also be placed in the solid wood custom furniture to prevent the growth of borers from the root.
  7. Solid wood custom furniture is not suitable for long-term baptism of ultraviolet rays. Excessive intake of ultraviolet rays will accelerate the increase of moisture inside the wood and cause dry cracking. Therefore, when choosing the placement of solid wood custom furniture, avoid direct sunlight.
  8. Solid wood custom furniture should be kept away from open flames as much as possible to prevent fires. At the same time, the purpose of keeping away from fire sources also includes maintaining the internal and external humidity balance of solid wood custom furniture itself. Because once the wood humidity is out of balance, it will affect the shape and structure of the furniture, accelerating its deformation, distortion and cracking.
  9. During the use of solid wood custom furniture, the surface grease will gradually volatilize, so it is necessary to supplement the surface with grease regularly, and furniture oil can be selected for surface maintenance to prolong its service life.

Summary: The above is an introduction to the purchase mistakes of solid wood custom furniture and how to maintain solid wood custom furniture. Finally, I hope this article can help you


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