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What should be concerned when buying TV cabinet? What are the selection tips of TV cabinets?
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With the improvement of living standards, many owners will choose to install a custom TV cabinet when decorating the living room. The custom TV cabinet not only has various styles, but also makes better use of the home space. What are the precautions when customizing the TV cabinet? Custom TV cabinets What are the purchase methods? Let's find out with me below.

  1. What are the precautions when customizing a TV cabinet?
  2. Pay attention to the size of the living room when customizing the TV cabinet. Different living rooms have different space sizes and living room patterns. According to the way the TV cabinet is arranged in the living room, what kind of TV cabinet should be selected. For irregular living rooms, tailor-made, can be more beautiful and practical. In terms of space size, if the living room is relatively spacious, you can give priority to adopting a TV cabinet with a board frame structure or a TV cabinet with a whole frame wall. At this time, it is recommended that the color of the background wall and the sofa be the same. If the living room space is relatively narrow, it is recommended to use a combination TV cabinet in the shape of "pin" to make more effective use of the space and make the space have a sense of hierarchy.
  3. Before customizing the TV cabinet, first understand what the main purpose of the TV cabinet is at home. Is it as a display cabinet, a storage cabinet, or a collection of books? Choose a combination TV cabinet and wall panel according to the type and quantity of items to be placed. For example, friends who have many books at home can focus on building a bookshelf wall, so that the living room can also function as a study room to store books, which can not only save space, but also show the cultural taste of the owner. If there are many handicrafts at home, you can consider building a display wall, displaying small objects one by one, listing them out, adding beauty and interest to the TV cabinet.
  4. There are many kinds of home decoration styles, and the customized style of the TV cabinet should also be coordinated with the overall home decoration style. For example, with modern minimalist style decoration, the living room should feel comfortable and fresh. Naturally, the TV cabinet will not be too complicated. Simple decorative panel styles and suitable material and color matching will show a very good effect. If the owner of the home is a European-style decoration, the height and area of ​the room are very bold, but they are very exquisite, so the design of the living room TV cabinet will be customized to the full wall, and some smaller units will also choose to be surrounded. A sense of sophistication is reflected in the carvings and topline of the TV cabinet exterior.
  5. What are the purchasing methods for custom TV cabinets?
  6. The style selection of customized TV cabinets, we know that a good TV cabinet can have both display and storage functions, so in terms of style, it is best to have two-layer styles. The advantage of the upper and lower style is that it is beautiful and neat. If the TV position and the storage and arrangement position are integrated on the same straight line, it is easy to appear chaotic. If the style of the TV cabinet is divided into upper and lower parts, it is also convenient to use. When the TV is turned on and off, it will not affect the use of the storage cabinet part. Similarly, when sorting the storage cabinet part, it will not collide with the TV due to the sorting action.
  7. Customize the color selection of the TV cabinet. After determining the style of the TV cabinet, the next step is the color selection part of the TV cabinet. In fact, no matter how diverse the functions of the TV cabinet are, in the end, it is necessary to place the TV. Therefore, when choosing the color of the TV cabinet, the color of the TV seat should be the main focus. As long as the color of the TV seat and the living room design are mainly Tones can be coordinated. However, it would be better if the color of the storage position in the lower part of the TV cabinet is lighter than the color of the TV position in the upper part of the TV cabinet, because then the storage part of the TV cabinet will not look too eye-catching and will not visually rob the TV. The focus of the bit, which I hope consumers pay attention to when choosing the style of the TV cabinet.
  8. Material selection for custom TV cabinets. In addition to the above-mentioned aspects of color and style, the material of TV cabinets is also one of the reference points. At present, the more popular TV cabinet materials are mainly solid wood, man-made panels, composite materials, etc. If the design of the home environment is more elegant, it is recommended to choose solid wood TV cabinets. Its wooden, simple and elegant connotations can be well matched and elegant. If the design of the home environment is simple and casual, then ordinary wood-based panel cabinets or composite materials are good choices. However, if you don't want to spend too much time choosing a TV cabinet, you don't need to care too much about the material, the key is the choice of TV cabinet style.

Summary: The above is the complete introduction of the precautions when customizing the TV cabinet and the purchasing methods of the custom TV cabinet. Finally, I hope this article can help you.

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